Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer KAL

Yes, my friends I am participating in two, yes two knit along’s this August!  As if I didn’t have anything else going on around here. 
The first is by Stephen West of Westknits.  This knit along is making me go out of my comfort zone and knit with two different colors.  I usually knit with one color or with variegated yarn.  The first clue came out yesterday.Check out my project page and the projects of over 1,000 knitters on Ravelry who have decided to participate!  Yarn was purchased at Fiber space…my favorite LYS!  Red is my favorite color and I knew I wanted something with red in it, it’s called Station North by Neighborhood Fiber Co.  Danielle helped me choose the purple grey, we tried various colors including green and blue, but the Lauraville was the keeper.
Yarn KAL 010    005
The other knit along I’m participating in is being hosted by knitpurlgurl.  We will be knitting her new pattern, the Autumn Rustic Shawl.  I’m really excited about this pattern because rather than a lace border there is a patterned border, not something I knit before.  I bought the yarn, guess where…yes, at Fiber space, when Miss Bab’s of Miss Bab’s yarn was there doing a lecture on color.  The colors aren’t ‘autumn’ or fall, maybe more ‘winter’ with the pink.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress!
Yarn KAL 014