Monday, June 3, 2013

Pink Lemonade Scarf-Part 2

In Pink Lemonade Scarf- Part 1, I showcased my new scarf pattern that you can find on Ravelry, Craftsy, or my Knitting Designs page.  Today I wanted to share how I knit cable stitches.  I knit the stitches in order to create the twist, seen in the pictures below, without using a cable needle.  I'm not a fan of the cable needle, you have to keep track of the needle since once you are done using it for a particular row, you put it down and don't use it again for another several rows-I always lost mine.  Once I learned how to cable without the needleknitting cable stitches became so quick and easy.  I have to admit, the technique does require some practice, but once you master it, you'll never go back to knitting with a cable needle.  Try it!

Here are some examples of knitted cables


Knitting with a cable needle.  The knitting needles are in red, and the cable needle is in gold.

Gumperina, from, has a great tutorial on how to knit without a cable needle.

Domiknitrix, does a fantastic job of teaching you how to knit with a cable needle and how to knit without a cable needle. Check out her video tutorial..