Monday, April 22, 2013

N:Needles A-Z Challenge

Knitting and Crochet needles come in various sizes and are made from various materials.  There are aluminum,



and even square knitting needles.  Yes, square knitting needles!

I used to preferre plastic knitting needles, they were lighter in weight and the yarn would move with ease, then I found circular knitting needles

Circular knitting needles are great for any type of project, from socks to heavy blanket with many stitches.  With a circular needle, the needles or sticks are connected by a cable,  the stitches are distributed throughout the cable as opposed to one side with straight needles.
But let me get back to the square knitting needles, my favorite needles.  Several years ago I found that after knitting for several hours my hands and wrists would begin to ache.  Giving up my favorite past time was not an option!  A display at a yarn store intrigued me, and after purchasing a pair I took them home home and tried them out.  These needles are fantastic!  I can knit for hours and not have the ache in my hands and wrists that I experienced in the past.  The cable is firm, yet flexible, and they come in various sizes.
Do you have a favorite type of knitting/crochet needle?