Monday, April 22, 2013

L:Lace-A-Z Challenge

Knitting lace is one of the easiest and my favorite 'types' of knitting. Lace is knitted by creating 'holes' or yarn overs in between solid stitches. Depending on the pattern the lace can be as simple as yarn overs knitted between a repeat of three stitches or as intricate as a repeating pattern with yarn overs and decreasing stitches that create a beautiful lace pattern. Beginners are intimidated by lace only because of the yarn overs, but yarn overs are easy. A yarn over is just an extra stitch that is made by wrapping the yarn over the needle.

I used a lace pattern to create design element to the middle of the shawl. pictured to the right.

Don't be afraid of lace, try it out!