Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C: Cast-on, Crochet-A-Z Challenge

Let's continue on our knitting/crochet journey.  Yesterday I wrote about the finishing or bind off in knitting. Today I'm writing about cast-on, the start of knitting/crochet projects.  As in bind off, there are many ways to cast on.
The most common, and easiest way to cast on is called the long tail cast on.  This cast on creates a firmer, elastic edge.  It's a bit hard to describe and better seen than read.  Below is an illustration, and a video on how to do the long tail cast on.


The cable cast on below, produces a firmer edging for the bottom edge of a sweater, for example.

C is also for crochet, the process of creating a fabric with yarn, thread, or strips of fabric using a hook, unlike knitting which uses two needles.  For the differences between crochet and knitting read this article.  Many of you are familiar with the look of crochet, your grandmother probably has a granny square blanket over her sofa.

Do you knit or crochet?