Thursday, October 25, 2012

This past Sunday, Sally, Sarah and I ran the Army Ten-miler.  At the expo on Friday I came home with a new product: The 'SlackLace...the flexible shoe lace'.  I was intrigued by the stretch of the laces, the various colors available and the write up on the back of the product card.

Your feet flex, your shoes flex, shouldn't your laces flex?
Walk and run in your shoes more comfortable.  Alleviate pressure points, abandon old fashioned laces that restrict the natural movement of your feet.  
When you wear SlackLace,  you will be amazed at how light and refreshed your feet will feel.  The simple but unique design will benefit anyone who wears shies!

I chose orange and blue laces....University of Florida colors that would also match my orange skirt and blue shirt I was planning to wear to the race, and purple laces to match my other pair of Asics running shoes. 
  1. Laces were easy to lace through the loops in the shoes
  2. Many bright colors to mix and match
  3. Low price $9
  4. Once tied the laces never came untied
  5. Didn't have to double tie the laces to prevent them from becoming untied
  6. Shoes felt like 'part' of my feet, very flexible 
Try them out and let me know how they work for you!

p.s.  Sorry for the tiny were taken on my iPhone....

*Disclaimer..The SlackLace was not provided for this review, I purchased the SlackLace.