Monday, October 1, 2012

Running shoes....a story

That evening she walks into the bedroom and sees the shoes.  The shoes are white with neon yellow and blue shoelaces and trim.  The shoes are placed toe to heel, right foot in front, left foot in back, toe facing the heel, in the exact way that she takes them off after a run.
First she bends down from the hips, stretching those hamstrings, and unties the  shoelaces.  Bending up from the waist, laces untied, toes wriggle with happiness as right foot is placed in front of left foot.  Toe of left shoe stabilized the right heel and helps the right foot exit the shoe.  Right foot then steps behind the left shoe, toe to heel and helps the left foot exit the shoe.  Relief.
She walks away from the shoes, her soul has been nourished by that run. 
Shoes rest. 
Mission accomplished. 
Recharging for the next run.