Thursday, September 13, 2012

Streets of send exhibit to Kabul.

As human beings we want to help and reach out to each other, whether it's the bake sale to raise money for the hungry in our community, or volunteering with Habitat for Humanity to help build homes for the needy in other countries 

M2M is a non-profit organization "focused on empowering individuals and communities through education, training and job creation", most especially by helping the women and girls of  Afghanistan.  Mouintain2Mouintain or M2M was founded by Shannon Galpin in 2006 because she wanted to "be the change" she wished to see in the world. 

Streets of Afghanistan - kickstarter for Kabul exhibit from Mountain2Mountain on Vimeo.

Streets of Afghanistan, a photography and video exhibit is serving as M2M's outreach and fundraising program.  This exhibit takes the viewer 'into' the streets of Afghanistan as we view our common humanity and better understand their culture, focusing on our similarities, rather than our differences.  The Streets of Afghanistan exhibit has toured the United States, now M2M wants to take this exhibit  to Afghanistan so the people there can see their own similarities and begin the road to normalcy.

By donating to M2M, you will be helping provide needed funds for transportation, production and security for the exhibit.  Help send this exhibit to Afghanistan by donating through Kistarter by September 15...I did!