Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11....poem


Running through the neighborhood today
Clear crisp air
Blue skies
Same as THAT day 11 years ago

Girls dropped of at school
Walking the dog
Clear crisp air
Blue sky
September 11, 2001

Phone rings, turn on the TV
Towers are hit by plane
What is happening
Accident or real?

Friends checking in
are you OK?
Have you heard from.....
What is happening?

Pentagon has been hit
Where is he?

Preschool pick and all are quiet
We look into each others eyes
No words, just fear

Cartoons on TV to distract her
I'm pacing while watching live coverage
He finally calls
On his way home
His 30 minute drive may take hours

Elementary school pick up
Tear stained faces
Vacant looks
What is happening??

Must get out for a drive
Turn away from TV and the grief and sadness
destruction, tears, questions.
The streets are empty, head home

Pray for those lost
Grateful for what we have.

Will never forget...........