Monday, September 24, 2012

Best School (Embarrassing) Memory...

This week the SITS girls are hosting a 'Fall Back into Blogging' challenge.  A weeks worth of prompts to those of us who have been busy over the summer to get back into blogging.  Today's prompt is to write about a best school memory.

This memory sticks in my head, and every time I think about it I cringe with embarrassment.
 It's the first day of sixth or seventh grade and I'm wearing this sleeveless dress that has an empire waist, a huge ice cream cone appliqued to the front and the skirt goes all the way down to my ankles, bobby socks and suede lace shoes......! OMG!
I thought of myself as Sandra Dee from the movie 'Grease', the part where she is singing while Danny is getting ready for the race....she's singing about making a change.  (The movie had just come out, and I knew the soundtrack backwards and forwards, thanks to the 8-track tape that constantly played in our car.  Don't ask me what I was thinking wearing that dress.  I think my grandmother sent it from South America.
So, I'm wearing this dress and my stepmother drops me off at the wrong entrance.  So when I enter the gym, I was the only one sitting on the bleachers.  The bell rings about 5 minutes later and the rest of the school streams in.  They  must have taken one look at me and thought, who is the loser?!
I honestly cannot remember what happened afterward.  It must have been so awful that I've blocked the whole experience out!  Luckily, the dress didn't keep me from making friends and have a good time that year!