Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cradle to Grave…Catholic

Cradle Catholic..what does that mean? Born and raised Catholic.  With that said, sometimes I take my faith for granted.  ‘Take for granted’? I don’t think that is the right word, but it’s the only one I can come up with right now.  Reading blogs and stories of newly converted Catholics, I’m envious.  Envious of the joy-filled, bursting at the seams, shout it from the roof tops faith. 

“I believe in one god, creator of heaven and Earth, and in Jesus Christ his only son, born of the virgin Mary….” I try to go to mass every Saturday or Sunday- it’s good to have choices.  I pray a decade of the Rosary daily, we say grace before meals, attend mass during Holy Days of obligation.  But still feel like a ‘good enough Catholic’.  There are things I love about the Church, the traditions, that no matter what city or state I’m in when I walk into a church the mass will be familiar.  Then there are those that I don’t necessarily agree with the Church:frequent confession, their stance on birth control, same sex marriage, married priests. The term cafeteria Catholic comes to mind.  Picking and choosing what I want to follow.  Leaving the church would be easy, but sticking around.  Going to mass soothes my soul and re-energizes it to take on another week.
This I know..Jesus loves me and always will.  HE forgives me and will not be upset if I miss mass every now and then. HE knows I do my best and when I fall will be there to pick me up so I can start over. 

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