Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop-First Apartment

3.) You stepped foot into your first apartment and thought…
Oh my gosh!  How are we going to fill up this place with furniture?  The Big Guy and I were somewhat brand new 2LT’s in the Army.  He moved to Germany first and then I joined him in December.  I was being stationed at the 95th General Hospital in Frankfurt.  He would be moving to different bases around the area so we chose to live near the hospital.  We could have rented an apartment from the economy, but decided instead to take our changes and see what the Army would provide.  The Big Guy knew someone who worked in the housing office and they said they would try to see what we could get.  Well, we got one of the best apartments in the area at Attebery Kaserne.  The apartment was HUGE!  Two bedrooms, large kitchen, one bathroom, living room and dining room and a very long hallway-we could have set up a bowling alley in that hall.   All I brought to the marriage were a full size bed, love seat, knick knacks and kitchen stuff.  The Big Guy only had a TV, and a stereo!  Needless to say the housing office helped us furnish our grand apartment with some good and not so good pieces.  We quickly replaced the vinyl sofa, but still have the dining room table, buffet, and several bookcases all made out of solid wood.  Slowly but surely our apartment was filled with antiques from the places we would visit.  When it came time to leave we were worried we were going to be overweight on our household goods.  With the drawdown of troops, the hospital closed and the housing we lived on was returned to the German government.  The Big Guy looked on Google earth to see if the apartments were still up and sadly they were demolished.  I loved that apartment and was the envy of our friends who had kids!!
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