Monday, May 30, 2011

Remembering our fallen heroes

Memorial Day is this weekend, actually Monday, May 30.  The thing that drives me crazy about this weekend is that retail stores use this weekend as a shopping holiday, offering all kinds of specials and discounts.  In reality, we should be honoring those who died for our freedom.  We’re lucky that we live so close to so many monuments that honor our fallen heroes and because we live so close, we try and take the girls either on Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day.  If you don’t live close by to D.C., why not visit a Veteran cemetery, a veterans hospital, or write a letter to a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan thanking them for their service?  The bottom picture of the Vietnam Wall is of Isaac ”Ike” Diez Jr., my husband’s cousin from Gonzalez LA who killed in Vietnam while serving in the USMC. 
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