Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Inexpensive Date

Last Saturday DH and I went on a really fun date.  We took a tour with DCPhototour

“PhotoTour DC is the Washington DC region’s photography workshop that includes a sightseeing experience. On our excursions, a professional photographer will teach you the 10 Steps to Great Pictures during a tour of the area’s monuments and landmarks.”

They offer several packages and you don’t need a fancy camera to take the tour.  Our tour guide was very informative and we even discovered a memorial  that we didn’t know about- and after living in the area for 11 years!  The Albert Einstein memorial is situated in front of the National Academy of Science.

DH and I had a good time taking pictures, learning more about the new camera we bought and meeting new people.  There was a couple who just moved to the are from England.  I commented that they would be missing the wedding (royal).  They laughed and said that they weren’t upset about missing the wedding, that it’s the Americans who are more interested in the Royals than the Brits!