Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Inexpensive Date Idea

Check out your local libraries list of free events.  DH and I went to our local library to hear Boyd Matson, a journalist and photographer from National Geographic.  During his lecture, Boyd showed pictures from his travels around the world and discussed his recent article in the National Geographic Traveler magazine about Polar Bears in Canada.  He described how the polar bears were measured and tagged and a tooth is pulled to check their age. The scientist can tell the age of the polar bear by the rings in their teeth, much like the age of a tree is measured by the rings on the trunk.  At the conclusion of his lecture, one audience member raised her hand and asked “How do polar bears get AIDS?”  Mr. Matson looked a little quizzical, “AIDS?”   She had misheard ‘age’ of the polar bears for ‘AIDS’.  The audience roared with laughter!  Now my DH is ready to start what he calls the ultimate liberal cause, the Polar Bear AIDS foundation!!!!    We were given a complimentary copy of National Geographic Traveler and Boyd signed copies at the end of the lecture. This picture isn’t so great, and you don’t get a good view of  Boyd Matson……I took it with my iPhone camera.