Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MY Mother’s Day

D4Did you think I was sad after reading yesterdays post?  I was sad, missing my mother hits me at the unlikeliest times.  I’m truly grateful for the many women that have come into my life and have mothered me along the way.
So as promised, this is what I did on Mother’s Day!  Rather than call for a no mother’s day-no gifts, phone calls, emails, etc.  Fresh air and exercise were calling me.  It was the Ladies' choice multisport festival.  Rather than the triathlon, I did a duathlon..ran 2 miles, biked 8 miles and ran 2 miles.  It was an all girl fest!  My girlfriend had asked me to do this race with her. She opted to do the relay, her daughter swam, and my friend biked and then ran.  She was worried about the run, but she finished and we had a great time.  Awards were given out for various age categories and door prizes.  Sadly, we didn’t leave with a door prize or award.  We did leave feeling exhilarated and proud of our new accomplishment.  This race was a first for both us. 
Check out my awesome post race/Mother’s Day breakfast!  Cheese and bacon crepes, sausage and coffee…yumm.

How about a nap after breakfast…yes!
Movie with the BG.  I talked him into going to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I can’t stop raving about that movie..wonderful, laugh out loud funny!
Favorite movie!!
Dinner at San Vito Restaurant and then home to partake in Red Velvel cupcakes made my D#1.  Delicious!  I couldn’t have asked for a better mother’s Day!  Was there drama….a bit.  Was there laughter…loads.  Sitting down on the couch for long talks….really, what was I thinking??!!


Larissa T. said...

Yay! Good for you!! :) Happy your days was better than you imagined!

betty said...

Seems like it was a great day!! Good for you participating in the race! What a way to end the day with red velvet cupcakes :)


Julia, in Virginia said...

Glad your Mother's Day was better than you anticipated! Enjoy the presence of your daughters while you can ... they grow up and go on with their own lives too soon.